Free Daily Sameness is…

…your spicy sauce of honest misinformation.

“Hello. I, am a paragraph, in fact the last paragraph of this page. Shush, keep the noise down. The other paragraphs don’t know I sneaked up here to the top, and I don’t trust them to not be upset so this won’t take long. My name is Bernard. I just wanted to thank you personally for spending a short amount of time on this page so far and to look you in the eye for doing it…and in the other eye you have too. Please continue to read the rest of this page and you’ll eventually get to where I should have been. Otherwise, you could click away from here, put your feet up, have a drink, and continue to watch the world end : or not, if you are a Jehovah’s Witness. In which case, I ask you to enjoy the replay. I have to be going now. Love, Bernard.”

“Anyone seen Bernard? Bernard…Bernard…where could he be? Oh.

Hello You!

“Reader! Your journey across the Internet to the spicy sauce of the best misinformation in the universe, is complete. I can imagine the journey you’ve had! The big Internet is incredibly big and even bigger than the biggest thing that has ever existed ever! I heard that the Internet is so big that if you laid your Internet end on end – face down on the planet earth – and tried to walk from one end all the way to the other, it’s entirely possible you might break your monitor screen with your first step. So don’t do that.

I bet you’ve searched too, by crikey! Searched the Internet by tapping letters into magical boxes, letters that are automatically turned into full words by electronic witches ; so that you could find your ultimate goal of large boobies adorable cats.

Well search no more! Free Daily Sameness is misinformation. It’s spicy, it’s saucy, and it’s a whimsical magazine staffed by real living writers who work side by side with the characters they created.

Yes – that is what you read. We had no idea they would take on their own lives, and now they have inhabited ours… and we’re stuck with them.

So, this web site captures the Free Daily Sameness Show – completely accurate honest misinformation provided by a completely unbalanced cast, for a completely balanced audience.

PS. Bernard woz here.