Mama Fratelli…owns a deli

Still wishing I was a Goonie – even now as I debate (f)utility bills with a sexily voiced yet surprisingly obstinate automated telephonic system. If only she had the voice of Mama Fratelli – I’d pay more attention (and my bill).

“Kids Suck.” – Mama Fratelli

I wish to be Data and have his inventions – particularly slick shoes, though I’d adapt them for the dance-floor to pull off a more convincing James Brown. Unfortunately I am not Data – I am Chunk (please please small violins not necessary) – each morning I truffle shuffle getting out of the shower; heck, I truffle shuffle every five minutes. Like Chunk, I also would happily co-share a walk-in refrigerator with a dead FBI agent if the refrigerator was full of ice-cream, the only mystery to me was if Chunk carried a spare spoon in his back pocket and if so shouldn’t everyone?

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Marc is busy defining the word idiot, which is handy because that is how he is generally referenced by people. He writes. He does a couple of comic characters. He is also what you might call a sit-down stand-up - if you can call 'sitting down' falling asleep.


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