Brooklyn residents famously bemoan ‘precarious’ 5 mph speed limits

Picture of cyclists on Atlantic Avenue
Pesky cyclists on Atlantic Avenue.


Residents in the New York borough of  Brooklyn are up-in-arms over an announcement that the official speed limit on the famous ‘show tunes’ strip Atlantic Avenue has been raised to a precarious 5 miles per hour.

Drivers on the famous thoroughfare – which takes you past some of Brooklyn’s most famous scaffold covered buildings, are relieved that steps are being taken to ease congestion. The previous famous speed limit on famous Atlantic Avenue was sign-posted as recently as two days ago as “Want to go somewhere? fuggedaboutit!

Locals are fuming at the infamous decision. Some of the intersections on Atlantic have been famously described as “hairy”, “dense” and “way-out, man”.

One resident called I’m Jimmy and I love Whiskey! gave us an exclusive opinion :

What we have here…is a failure to… a failure to…

…before falling asleep next to a quart of empty Old Forester.

Truck Drivers on the other hand are still trying to raise public awareness with regards to the pesky cyclist problem. Said I’m Fat Tony from Sheepshead Bay, “I have collected so many minor dents on my Mac truck from collisions with pesky cyclists that have a flagrant disregard for my size. The noise pollution from their persistent whistling and bell ringing makes the driving experience terrifying. Hey will I get paid for you printing this?”.

This is Trevor Borough Council rushing so I can go to lunch. What do you think about crazy Atlantic Avenue? How do you feel about character traits that are defined by physiognomy, as made famous by The Canterbury Tales?

Photo By Jim.henderson (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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