12 famous celebrities who occasionally eat salad


1. Bruce Willis

Singer-songwriter Bruce Willis is often seen eating salad while having dinner at Adoteca, in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California, most likely.

Beautiful Bruce/Die Hard/20th Century Fox/Tim Peckler’s DVD’s


2. Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone widely opened up about her salad-crunching tendencies while staying at the Hassler Hotel in Rome, one could imagine.

Sharon Stone spreads legs but there is a picture of Tim Peckler that covers her privates
Sharon Stone/Basic Instinct/Tristar Pictures/Tim Peckler’s DVD’s


3. Dana Carvey 

Famous for playing a turtle in the critically acclaimed Master of Disguise, Dana Carvey eats more salad than he can chew!  (This is a metaphor.  Reports that Dana Carvey eats salad have been reported, but not confirmed.)


4. Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham threw a wonderful vegan dinner party when she was 16.  Deirdre Dolan of the New York Times told us the riveting tale in 2003.  There was probably salad there.

lena dunham
Photo Credit: Do512.com via Compfight cc


5. Marc Maron

With the hundreds of confessional hours archived from his podcast, Marc Maron is sure to have mentioned eating a salad occasionally.  The odds of him having not are astronomical.

marc maron with marc maron
Marc Maron of WTFpod.com with Marc Maron of WTFpod.com


6. Sarah Palin

Speculatively speaking, Sarah Palin eats salad with her family before book signings and crowd-excitings all across this one and only great nation.  (United States).

Sarah Palin looking like a child
Photo of Palin Campaign Calendar, Tim Peckler, Original – AlaskaFoto.com


7. Jimmy Fallon

I would assume Jimmy Fallon eats salad occasionally.  It’s a very common thing to do.

jimmy fallon
Courtesy www.amazon.com

8-12: Madonna, Cookie Monster, Barack Obama, Val Kilmer, Shailene Woodley

Yep, salad.

Photo Credit: 1lenore via Compfight cc


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  • Tim this is a great list! I was just wondering if Lena Dunham possibly ate salad, and it seems like you have confirmed that she just might eat salad. What about David Duchovny?

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