Free Daily Sameness is the brainchild of two child brains.

Marc Drury is overly leisured. He’s very good at laundry, exceptional at paying bills on time and early for appointments. He writes things of various (low) quality as his attention span allows; sometimes he strings some of those things together and occasionally he gets lucky and shit – but usually he just gets shit. When this happens he tends to say ‘you do it’. Always more comfortable expressing himself as someone else – he often pretends to be someone else when taking a wee. This has lead to some of his best conversations. Marc is well travelled, or at least he looks like he’s been around the block a few times. He always looks uncomfortable in a woolly jumper, as does the other person wearing it at the same time. Marc has a lot of heroes and influences, but he’d like to find out yours first so that he can be agreeable to yours so that you will like him more.

Andrew Scott is. It’s enough to strike fear into the heart of something that had a heart – except that of his nemesis, Johnny Heartless. He is consumed by a relentless lust for power, which is why he drives a Volkswagen Jetta that he’s sucked the power out of. Andrew is heavily into recycling and sustainability – this evidenced by the footwell of his car and the gap beside his bed. He asserts that behind his vacant gaze is a brain of complexity and nuance. The gaze is just the tip of the iceberg. Andrew is not tall, a quality he shares with Adolf Hitler, Napolean, James Bond villians, and the fellow from Different Strokes. Andrew would be an excellent customer for a bank, as he’s always borrowing money and refusing to answer the letters of people he has borrowed from, often recycling the letters in the footwell of the Jetta. Andrew is capable of unspeakable deeds – this is perfect as he is often incapable of speaking.