Internet Classico #3 – A fax from Cooter in Orlando

Safe for work if you’re wearing ear devices.
Once upon a time, there was an Internet before You Tube.

Remember the halcyon days of the Internet? The days when it took 10 minutes to download a single lo-res jpeg of Kathy Ireland?

Office comedians would ‘attach’ a humor file to their email. Imagine the joy of yore, when Bob in procurement was daring enough to attach a sound file! There were many sound files that got through the firewall before people wearing t-shirts saying the word “Leet”. Funnily enough, I could not find the sound file. It might be lost in  the compressed archives of a digital museum next to the executable file that says ‘Netscape’.

Luckily enough, we have You Tube, so the kids these days don’t have to worry about whether iTunes plays OGG. I would recommend you play the file and close your eyes; if only to let nostalgia wave over you – or to alternately avert your eyes from the terrible graphics someone has applied to this video. The sound is what you’re here for.

I am Fergus Gomez Dog, and I don’t have time for this. Armageddon.

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