Dodgeball with someone bigger than you

Hello, this is Fergus Gomez Dog, reporting on the Internet for your enjoyment.

This video is excellent for many reasons, which I will detail for you here.

At source 1:07 the massive man called where to buy dapoxetine in malaysia Roy Hibbert who is good at basketball and plays for the Indiana Pacers, uses a third grader to block ‘incoming’ at can you order Pregabalin online Dodgeball. It’s a low and thoroughly cute move.

At 1:36 he blocks the hell out of a 3rd grader trying to lay-up. The sound of the block reminds me of the time someone kicked a football directly at my owners cheek as he was exhaling through his mouth. Its similar to the sound of a winter wet football hitting a young schoolboy, forced to play in the cold against his will, on the bum cheek as he turns to block a Stuart Pearce-like free kick. It sounds like someone running into 20 cm thick cellophane at 27.8 mph.

Roy Hibbert seems like a very nice man.

I have to be going,
Fergus Gomez Dog.

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