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Marc Downe is at it again. At what exactly? We’re not sure; the bathroom door’s locked.

Scientists obsess over finding life on other planets. I want to ask this question: If you keep researching the most habitable planets based on what we know sustains life, then is there any life left in science? Consistently searching for what we already know will only garner the same results. Extraterrestrial life may not require sunlight, moonlight, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, etc. Study after study shows me that we are not alive because of water, we are dead in it.

Other planets harbour life; that is irrefutable. Life as we know it can also not be the only way. Our planet was the perfect temperature for Goldilocks’ final meal of porridge but there were two other bowls that she did not enjoy. One was too hot, the other was too cold. Well, the Goldilocks that reside in other solar systems may prefer heat or not. Also calling other systems ‘solar’ systems is another show of grandiose and despicable arrogance. Perhaps there are lunar systems or planetary systems. The sun is the centre of our system, but that works best for us. It’s like someone saying, ‘my dog is the cutest dog in the world’. He may be the cutest dog in your particular world but heck, my dog is cuter than yours and my world is different than yours.

Until our scientists drop this arrogant view of our world we will never discover or come to know someone, or something, else. We are meant to be explorers but if we refuse to look beyond our backyards, then we will never fully appreciate what our neighbours have to offer. We will never fully understand how our brains work because we are using our brains to work it out; it will be an endless cycle, like a dog chasing its tail. I fear that until we realise we are the dog in this fight, we may never catch that elusive tail.



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