A picture of an elephant in a room sitting on a body with only the legs exposed.

The Elephant in the Room – Objective News


‘Objective News’, the column where real impartial facts are sourced from incapable of speaking objects.

where can i buy acyclovir online Bob (42) is married. Bob’s cousin get link Roberta (25), is also married – but to someone else (not Bob). where can i buy inderal online Bob and Roberta seem to get on really really well. I thought perhaps too well. I asked several family members to comment on the situation, yet not one wanted to mention ‘the elephant in the room’.

So, this news hound did what he does best – I went straight to the elephant in the room and asked for comment.

Elephant sitting on a man in a room saying the word Awkward.
The family are doing their best to squash the rumor, and to prevent damaging leaks.


I am Fergus Gomez Dog, and I don’t have time for this. (If you do, here was the last edition).

Photo Credit: David Blackwell. via Compfight cc note this transformed version is NOT for reuse.

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