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Another entrant into the lexicon today as of 3:23 am last night ; which would also be the night of March 27th, 2014 if I could reference a calendar in my current state. It’s unfortunately due the fact that I was  hemingwaylaid last night.

HEMINGWAYLAID – hem-ming-way-lade : adjective and verb

Full definition of HEMINGWAYLAID :

adjective – To be laid astray by your own determined exuberance and desire as if you have something to prove ; to the point of perhaps ending up drunk in Cuba in a bar named “Harry’s”, while wearing a bullfighting outfit and drinking anything from the top-shelf. Even more stark when you should be home cooking dinner right at that moment.

verb (past tence)  –

“The bastard. It was he who hemingwaylaid me. Now I have to pursue un-optional conjugal rights with Mr Big for the night. Guards!”.

Stay hemingwaylaid, my friends.

Photo – Jonathan Groß – Creative Commons v.3


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