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It's a dictionary. Of Words. Startling.
Allan Tigerman keeps Free Daily Sameness readers one step ahead of their friends and colleagues by eating them briefing them on the latest new words.

A new word has entered the lexicon as of 1:03 pm today, discovered at Mumford and Sons Marlow and Sons, a bakery and coffee place on Broadway in South Williamsburg.

PSYCHICPHANT – si-kick-fant : adjective

Full definition of PSYCHICPHANT :

A person who appraises someones future with flattery in order to craven benefit for their own needs.

An example of a PSYCHICPHANT enter  using dialogue :

“Look into my eyes. Look into my eyes. I can see your future. You will be married eventually to a very beautiful woman. A psychic woman, who you’ve only just met. Possibly today. Possibly just now. Possibly with immigration difficulties.”

The photo of another, heavier, dictionary was from here.


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