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The Reverend follow link Allan Tigerman – refreshes the parts of your vocabulary that other dictionaries cannot reach. Assembled brethren.

We hereby give thanks for the birth of Facebook in the year of our lord Alan Cummings – also known as the 4th of February 2004. It was a momentous day that would forever change the way people embellished their lives to be more exciting, and it would henceforth encourage the confusingly legal practices of both cyber-stalking and the aggregation of digital social envy via papering cracks.

Lo, Mankind’s timeline entered the sociopathetic era.

buy Keppra online without prescription SOCIOPATHETIC soh-see-uh-pa-ffe-tic:

Full definition of SOCIOPATHETIC :

Combining the non-elite skills of basic social interaction with the elite skills of high incompetence to the effect of revealing your true puddly intentions.

SOCIOPATHETIC in common dialogue :

Brian! You’ve invited Joffrey Baratheon to my mother’s birthday? Your true bloody intentions are so sociopathetic!


  1. Stalking someone on social networks in a manner which is not typically associated with the noun stealth, for example ; looking up a profile on LinkedIN – scrawling the profile name in your own blood – recording a video of this event – leaving it on said profile – then realising that you’re logged in under your real name and not with your spare harassment account.
  2. Checking your social media notifications in a time period which is more frequent than your need to breathe.

Amen.(and Happy Easter).

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