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Picture of scarfs.
Cover your sins. Please.

Hungry for Fashion? SCARF IT DOWN!


The hottest accessory for the transition from Winter to Spring is the fabulous SCARF! It can add a splash of color, make a personal statement and it will cover up your turkey neck or goiter.

Men and women adore this treasured add-on, especially celebrities like Barbara Walters and Bruce Vilanch, who need a bulky cover-up.


As I understand it, L’Wren Scott, designer and main squeeze of Mick Jagger, loved them. The last one she wore, poor dear, was a marvelous scarf by Hermes. They must be very durable.

So, tie one on and look like a true New York star!

Love, follow Ginny.


Ginny Gimlette – barman by day, bar broad by night – brings you the creme de la creme of the most absolute and best city in the world ever, darling. Be social, go on! Share this post.
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Ginny Gimlette, is not Clifford Booger (pronounced Beau-gar) from Massapequa Park, Long Island. Well, she might be during daylight hours; yet after dark, she transforms into the glamorous social diva Ginny Gimlette. Hell hath no fury like a Ginny scorned.


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