International Women’s Day is for the Birds

International Women's Day is for the Birds.

I’m not a chick.  I think it’s only fair that I get that out there from the get-go.  But my opinion still counts because even as a man, I am still somewhat of a feminist.  If truth be told, every man would secretly love to be taken care of, with their food cooked and put on the table, their clothes washed and ironed, and getting the day’s newspaper placed on the side table in their den, next to their pipe and brandy with a cracking fire burning away in the fireplace.  This is just a fact, probably.

Despite what we would prefer our women do, they’re just going to do whatever the hell they want – they’re like people that way.   The struggles of womanhood throughout history haven’t been easy and they most certainly haven’t been fun, and there are still parts of the world where women just aren’t having the times of their lives, and it really is gross.  Sometimes they are forced to believe that they choose to wear clothes that really are very unflattering and void of colour or shape.  A nice pair of cherry-red pumps are definitely out of the question!  But I don’t want to think about the bad stuff right now, because it’s sad.

In actuality, these ‘international’ days of whatever are not given any import whatsoever unless you’re in pre-school or a webfont designer at Google.

Women do have it quite good these days; they have men desperately wanting to bed them (and some of these men can be quite handsome and sober), they have many options for high-tea venues, gossip magazines are glossier, and men apparently prefer big arses.  I really don’t know why they still complain and now, they have a day that is all about them.  It’s not just a town day, or a national day, oh no, it’s an international day.  Give them an inch (or 4)… hey fella’s, am I right?  I can’t imagine there are any women in Antarctica but sure, make it international.

As a feminist, I am offended by this.  I don’t see women as a special subsect of humankind in need of compassion and branded consideration.  I see them as I see me – a person (who men want to bed).  Giving them this particular status usually reserved for the disabled or destitute, so we remember that there are those much worse off then us, lumping women into a category of people that require assistance and charity.  If women aren’t offended by this, then they should be, and if they are, well.. good.

In actuality, these ‘international’ days of whatever are not given any import whatsoever unless you’re in pre-school or a webfont designer at Google.  But there is something to be said for feeling like one needs special attention over others.  It is a sign of weakness, not strength, and it’s a weakness that can be pervasive.  I would never tell my daughter (not that I have one), ‘today is your day’ because every day is a day I love and respect her.  And I would never tell me son (I don’t have one of these either) that he needs to remember women today.  I know there are those who will say “It’s to remember their struggle throughout history and those women who still live lives of hell”.  To that I say, life is hell, and it won’t end because Google reminds me of it.

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  • I get your point if this was just a town day, or a fete on a village green somewhere in Shropshire with women forced to bake muffins to make money; yet I think it’s not about just showing weakness or strength. Solidarity perhaps? Carving out a day in the calendar to create focus on not just feminist issues but celebrating women and in turn giving attention to the horrible stuff. It’s disappointing the day has to exist because of the unfairness it represents – but better that it does given the circumstances.

    By the way I prefer to cook my own food mostly.

  • I agree with sentiment. There is this belief among the general population that women are some special minority group that needs special treatment. Additionally there are militant feminists that treat their feminism as being oppositional to men. Neither of these treatments if appropriate. I must also look at hypocrisy because if there was international Men’s day, feminazi’s would lose their minds. Ladies, you are not a race, nor are your a welfare group. Society is a team sport.

  • Agreed. If you request recognition for something one automatically assumes it then requires recognition instead of just ‘being’. I always use the example of talk shows where a female host would feign excitement over a female finalist of whatever reality competition show and the crowd would burst into hoots and hollers! To me that just relinquishes natural power and lowers your status. Feminazi’s think it is empowering but, in reality, it is completely the opposite.

  • I don’t agree. You’ve belittled the subject by making it a black & white issue on something that isn’t an issue. One day…one day out of 365, next article bound to be why do we have earth hour. I can see it now. I don’t get it I believe in energy efficiency, I changed all my light bulbs to those energy saving ones. I would tell my kids (that I don’t have) to make sure they turn off a light in room when they aren’t using… Why do we need one day in a year to call attention to it?

    As it is encourages the discussion / debates that are needed to continue growth & change in society. Just because they, women, may exist as more than 50% of the population does not mean that issues of equality are important & need to be addressed. What this debate, feminism, & a day like this allow one to pause reflect & recognise, is the ongoing need for discourse for those who suffer inequality and cultures that still do not respect the ideology of equality through their practises. This also extends to so called western civilised societies. Not everyone practises in life your thought experiments of your unborn children.

    Perhaps it’s worth spending your time as “Tootsie” for a month to see what you can uncover as being the other sex, and consider what inequality women face in this day & age.

    My challenge to you, Marc Downe, is to write an article from your experiences as Tootsie for next International Women’s day with the real issues being discussed. Not this laughable sentiment that one day weakens the whole gender equality discussion.

    Luv your work, it got me typing. Look forward to your next piece.

  • Afeena, you hit the nail right on the head! This is meant to erupt a volcanic reaction to the inequalities that still swamp our cultural marshes.

    Thank you for your thoughtful and considered response. I only wish that days such as these never required existence in the first place but, sadly, they do.

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