Internet Classico #1 – The Monkey

Internet Classico. This is the part of Free Daily Sameness where we bring you those things that have helped us to define the internet. Or alternatively those things that make humans wee a little bit.

In 2007, Google was just really starting out. In 2007, your mobile phone may have looked like this :

It had a little aerial remember?
It had a little aerial remember?

In 2007 – that video was posted. Time stopped in the offices of stock brokerages, merchant banks and clock shops.

Monkey you are the #1 thing the Internet could have been invented for. GOLAZO!

Thanks very much for your time,
Fergus Gomez Dog.

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Fergus Gomez Dog is a real dog. Fergus Gomez Dog is also metaphyiscal manifestation of internet, social media, search and feed algorithims which we adjust every few days based on choices he makes, continually creating random twists. We bring you footage, details on the algorithim and the results.


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