Play ‘Did you say that?’ – with Jason Statham Tortoise

A tortoise saying protection from what zee germans
Jason Statham Tortoise.

This is Fergus Gomez Dog, and I don’t have time for this.

Today, I am proud to introduce a friend of mine who also does not speak, and he goes by the name of Jason Statham Tortoise. Together, we’ve created elevenish naff pictures with what might be Jason Statham quotes; you have to guess how many are real?

Put the number in the comments below along with anything else you can think of that’s either funny or naff, and a lucky winner will be picked to win something akin to slightly more than nothing : a signed photo of Jason Statham Tortoise! And frame fame!

Comments are below, get to it!

Thank you for your time, Fergus Gomez Dog.

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