Meet Ginny Gimlette

Ginny Gimlette, writes the Free Daily Sameness column The Skinny With Ginny.


Free Daily Sameness welcomes our new NYC columnist,  Clifford Booger Ginny Gimlette. We asked him her to introduce herself and her  unique perspective on New York. (We can’t wait to hear what tales Ginny has to tell!)

When I was asked to be a contributing columnist, my first thought was “How would I ever find the time?” Then I realized what a disservice I would be doing to the fine people of New York and its outer boroughs, if I denied them a true expert’s glimpse of the “real city.”

So, here I am, your Social Maven and Trend Reporter, Ginny Gimlette!

I look forward to sharing my fabulous New York experiences and expertise with all the bridge & tunnel types who wish they could be just a little more Big Apple Fab like me.

I’ll be covering the hottest Night Life, high style Shopping, Society and Celeb interviews, the best Cocktails and delicious Food, chic Make-up tips, Cultural Events and Glam-on-the-Street with my feature: “GINNY’S GOT THE SKINNY: NYC.”


Do note that Ginny is absolutely not a male, blue-collar dayshift barman from Massapequa Park, Long Island. Anyone who claims that she is, is a liar and probably wishes that they could sleep with her. Ok?

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Ginny Gimlette, is not Clifford Booger (pronounced Beau-gar) from Massapequa Park, Long Island. Well, she might be during daylight hours; yet after dark, she transforms into the glamorous social diva Ginny Gimlette. Hell hath no fury like a Ginny scorned.


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