5 genial roles to entice genial Mike Woodson

Mike Woodson sideline with Jason Kidd.
Genial Mike with Billy the Kidd.

Basketball’s worst kept secret was fouled out from the executive boxes into open play today as the New York Knicks executed a pick-off move on genial head coach Mike Woodson. Free Daily Sameness was http://shibuifineart.com/shibui-gallery-video/ shocked to hear ‘Genial Mike’ was fired after a meeting with his boss ‘ferocious Phil’ Jackson – as reported by ‘news outlet‘ ESPN. We sincerely doubt this, as we think Mike was fired after Phil went to Guitar Center to buy a new triangle.

So what next for genial Mike Woodson? We review five genial career moves for the genial man with the third best managerial record (percentage) in Knicks history at 109-79.

Genial Talent Spotter

Genial Mike Woodson shows here that he definitely has an eye for talent. Notice how the model also executes the perfect screen move on genial Mike’s wife terrific Terri.

Genial Music Promoter

Genial Mike definitely has the looks and demeanor of a fabulous music promoter. Genial Mike could offer to promote James Dolan’s amazing band, JD & The Straight Shot. Then again, genial Mike might value his creative integrity and would probably not go within a mile of this. Good for you, Mike!

Genial foil for a quirky Film Producer/Director

Genial Mike would make the perfect foil for any famous film producer or director, and in particular one who likes to fumble with his tie in the fashion of a crazy Jerry Lewis.

Genial Jets Coach

Genial Mike might be just the personality to get the best from another under-performing New York sports franchise the New York Mets Jets; as his ability to ‘hold court’ in a genial way might be just the antidote for the fire and brimstone governance of Burger King Rex Ryan.

Ugh…Bank Manager

We all hope that genial Mike does not pursue this career option; no-one wants to replace Mikes first name ‘genial’ with the pre-fix ‘Ugh…’.

Good luck, genial Mike!

 Main Photo By Keith Allison (Flickr: Jason Kidd, Mike Woodson) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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