Naturists look to ‘swell’ members

Naked couple behind a naturism beach sing
The new catch cry for Naturism.

Naturists are looking to swell their members by using a new recruitment catch-cry:

You gotta get undressed. For success.

The catch-cry has been accused of being a cheesy joke in some quarters; not entirely due to the fact that it’s based on a cheesy song by cheesy rock-band Roxette who are from the cheesy country of Sweden. Before any Swedes get angry I have two words to say to you. Gotland Blue.

Also, you were responsible for Roxette, don’t shirk that one. You think being a talking dog is a joyride? The only thing in doubt at the moment is whether the naturism movement is going to extend this into the official greeting – “Hello, you naked fool, I love you.”

My name is Fergus Gomez Dog, and I don’t have time for this. If you do, then give it a thumbs up.

Photo Credit: Fred Schinke via Compfight cc

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