If Nina Simone dated the modern man with all of his faults

Nina Simone singing.
Nina Simone sings.

My baby don’t care for shows
My baby don’t care for clothes
My baby don’t care for activity

My baby cares, about cars, and races
My baby sends me out alone to, high-tone places

Tina Fey is not his style
Don’t even bring up Liberace’s smile
He represents something, that he can’t be
My baby just cares for, bars, and chasers
My baby just prayers for, star wars lasers

My baby just cares for
Just says his prayers for
My baby just cares for
The Yankees.


Photo Credit: GLinG GLoMo via Compfight cc

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Marc is busy defining the word idiot, which is handy because that is how he is generally referenced by people. He writes. He does a couple of comic characters. He is also what you might call a sit-down stand-up - if you can call 'sitting down' falling asleep.

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