The Not. Working. Teaser Announcement

Everyone who reads Free Daily Sameness (…hi mum) knows that Free Daily Sameness is about the streets. Yet, we’re not just about the streets! There is so so much more to us than that!

We’re also about villages, and towns, and roundabouts, and coffee shops, and contaminated estuary’s, and substantial areas of subsidised housing, and the world’s shittiest post office on S4th, and very generous methadone clinics and of course, mobile exclusion zones due to personal restraint orders.

You guessed it. Free Daily Sameness is all about keeping it reel. (Cough.)

So our first film from the front lines of boredom captures the loft environs of Brooklyn creative type, Becky Staples; an artist, writer, comedian, musician, photographer, actor, DJ, and dancer that has never finished anything.

In ‘Not. Working.‘ – we ask Becky Staples the hard questions, like –  “Do you like hard questions?” and “Why don’t you finish anything?”

Most importantly we need to know, is the Fear of Finishing Things contagious? I spent time with Becky Staples to find out. During that time I sort of er…erm…ahhh…


If you prefer your trailers’s crispier, here’s a link to the Not. Working. trailer on Vimeo. Final Release of Not. Working. on September 30th, 2014.

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