Dear Diary Yea – Someone waved today

New York Street Photo
Someone recognised me

Dear Diary Yea.

After a long day at the offices of Free Daily Sameness spent arguing with editor Andy Scott on the positioning of my latest piece on Miley Cyrus, I finally retreated to my cubicle with my tail between my legs. I keep a tail in my waistcoat pocket of a rabbit, next to my monocle. I hear monocles are a thing these days. I don’t have time to keep up with what’s a thing these days, given my job as a reporter.

I left the office ready to forget about it, to move on, when I discovered someone had punctured a tire on my bicycle. I couldn’t move on. I let out a sigh, and considered resorting to the craft knife I keep in my other pocket next to my ten spare pens ; Tigerman’s bicycle was right there waiting for something – maybe for me.

Instead I considered my own mortality when faced with a half-man half-tiger, and decided to walk down the street past one of those despicable coffee franchises. After buying a coffee, I returned to the curb of the street, and, I saw her.

She was waving at me, as if her life depended on it. I was filled with intrigue at the broad grin on her face and the enticing nature of her glistening eyes. I could not place her, but maybe she was one of the girls from college that I followed home.

Maybe today was fate. Maybe Andy arguing with me on a completely unfair basis; and the sabotage of my bicycle was a higher power organizing the elements of a key moment of my life. I felt the hair on my neck stand up, and it reminded me to make sure the barber sees to it the next time I visit him. Maybe this attractive and normally formed girl knew me from my work at Free Daily Sameness.

I took a step from the curb and raised my hand towards her.

Then, she stopped waving and got into the taxi that had slowed down.

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