Surely, you know Ronnie Pastel?

The team at Free Daily Sameness is incredibly lucky. I could point to several things that prove this; yet unfortunately I’ve just jammed my fingers in a door, so you’ll just have to take my words for it.

One of the things that makes us incredibly lucky is that being in New York we get to rub shoulders with the rich and famous on packed subway trains – and with the slightly less rich and famous in mildly populated Subway lines.

Meat in a bun with some salad, tossed.
Meet meat in a bun with some salad, tossed.


It was while queuing for a $5 foot long (to share of course, who would not be happy with six inches for 2 bucks fifty), that Andy Scott and I made the acquaintance of media personality, Ronnie Pastel. “Surely, you know Ronnie Pastel?”, said Ronnie Pastel. To us.

I have to say we didn’t know him but, Ronnie Pastel was very persistent in how we did know him, as he explained that we should know him; and it was impossible for us to not know him. Ronnie told us this with an unshakeable stare deep into our eyes while he uncomfortably closed the personal space between us. Ronnie has an incredible list of credits including:

  • He once had his back to the camera in “Face the Nation”
  • His dry elbow was featured in a close-up on “Dr. Oz”
  • He was the understudy for the understudy of a news reader in a segue that did not make the final cut of an episode of Law and Order that mysteriously never aired (wha wha).

Ronnie Pastel. He needs no introduction, so you can watch the teaser video instead. We could have written that before the paragraphs above. We didn’t.

The second of our stories from the frontlines of boredom details the day that Ronnie Pastel joins the crew at the Free Daily Sameness show, only to be hazed in the rookie fashion by being told he had just been fired. We chronicle Ronnie’s intense, intense, reaction. Did we say intense?

Ronnie Pastel is brilliantly played by Shaun Allen Lloyd (check his portfolio here) in the comic short ‘Misfired’ – if you like your video’s crisper, check the Vimeo Version here. ‘Misfired’ will air in full on the 28th October at 

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