The Writers

…and characters are up to date with everything current.

The Writers

Marc Drury
A founder of Free Daily Sameness, he is such a great guy and he even took time out of his writing schedule to writehe page you’re reading now. This is his child brain , and you can read his amazingly funny articles just by clicking on his name above. Isn’t the Internet amazing? Seriously.

Andy Scott
A founder of Free Daily Samenes, he is ok I guess. He didn’t take the time out of his schedule to write this page, and left it to me to do it. Click on his name and see his articles, and review his child brain here too.

Marc Downe
Once upon a time there was a good looking man on a bus. He got off. Sitting next to him was Marc Downe. What a guy. I’ve never met anyone so full of joy, generosity, and full of their own ability. That’s why its so great he was on a bus, because this guy…has tickets on himself.

The Characters

Trevor Borough Council
Trevor owns the distinction of being the first Free Daily Sameness employee and every day since he has fallen lower in the pecking order. Trevors covers antisocial media, hobbies and the cataloguing of the Unique Snowflake through his series ‘Set Pieces’. We often publish his diary entries behind his back. Click his name to read his articles – but start by reading his biography tragedy. Will he have a happy ending? Undoubtedly, particularly if it’s offered.

Tim Peckler
Tim Peckler does not have Bette Davis eyes. He does have a past though, and he probably has a future. With these things in mind, his unique outlook on “things” and stuff” is a welcome addition to the Free Daily Sameness family, and we look forward to his contributions, as they can only get better!

Fergus Gomez Dog
Of course dogs don’t talk. Of course blogs that feature dogs that talk are lame. Of course people who think that their dogs have human traits, are lame. Of course a web site that has a talking dog on it is lame. Welcome to our world. This dog is an Internet fetch hound though, so you’ll be glad you talked to him.

Allan Tigerman
Allan Tigerman always wanted to be a critic. Allan Tigerman has always been a critic. Its important you understand this, in fact, it’s critical. His devotion to criticism even motivated him to assume an anonymous identity so that his reviews could not be bought; however as he says…times change so maybe you could approach him on his Twitter. Allan’s sort of convinced that he’s at least part-offspring of a tiger…so…you’ve been warned. DANGER!

Mark Aitken
How many Mark’s can a Mark make? This one does it by using a ginger disguise to hide his real ginger origins. “How better to hide my ginger origins by pretending to be of ginger origin?” he says while watching Orangutans play with oranges in the wild. It’s a masterstroke, and yes he strokes masterfully.