Miley Cyrus. What haven't you done?

Topless Pictures of Miley Cyrus

Are not here…sorry.

However we imagine that Miley Cyrus is indeed occasionally topless and that images may exist. Possible circumstances for this may not include:

  1. That she cannot find any clothes at all, at all.
  2. She’s lost in an enormous wardrobe unable to find a nice top for a photo shoot, but does succeed in finding the door to Narnia.
  3. She enters the shower with the intention to shower, as opposed to entering the shower with the intention to clean soap scum from around the tiles with a toothbrush and a little bleach, when she could have used distilled white vinegar instead.
  4. When she takes off one of those bra-type things she has; using the skills of a welder and a small team of laborers that may or may not be on minimal wages (we have no proof of the wages part) and someone accidentally has a camera that gets pressed right at that exact moment, rendering an image of her with a lot of men in construction type outfits, that would be misconstrued by the Internet at large.
  5. When she takes a selfie from the waist down only, that photo would indeed be…topless.

We don’t want to disappoint our Free Daily Sameness Readers, so next week we have lined up an ultra-exclusive and very suggestive topless photo shoot of a bottle of Yeungling. Here is a ‘top-on’ teaser.

Yuengling Traditional Lager


This post was safe for work. Sorry.
Photo Credit: PNG’s e etc… via Compfight cc

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