TV Show in a sentence : Dexter

A graph showing review summaries of Dexter
This is a Dexter Chart

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Free Daily Sameness critic Allan Tigerman watches television for the world; so that the world can spend more time picking the best bits out of a KFC bucket meal.

Today for your viewing pleasure I summarise ‘Dexter‘ in a sentence. I just need to find my glass of sherry. Oh here.

Dexter – Lab bloodwork on Michael C Hall’s shoes reveals best cop show on television suffers agonizingly slow and tortuous murder, time of death given as Season 6.



Featured Image Graph – By Bachbecq (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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Allan Tigerman. Our resident reviewer, bringing to criticism that which Darth Vader brought to Luke Skywalker's hand. Allan would like a drinking contest with you: unless you're a duo of Austrian American Magician's or a circus ringmaster of any nationality. Follow his Twitter for snide NY reviews.

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  • Dexter Dexter Dexter. That final episode of season 4 is a masterpiece, most surprising thing on that graph is the Rotten Tomatoe’s score for it. Lithgow was untouchable, one of my favorite characters for the last few years of telly.

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